My fabric audience interactive outdoor installation project for
Open Call Guerilla Outdoor Performance Festival, 2014.
Curated by Beth Heinly

Extremely lovely and patient live cast model for outdoor installation,
Kitty Jauregui.

Casting method same as used by artist,
Mark Jenkins.

"Performances took place in Wissahickon Park Saturday November 8th & Sunday November 9th. The aim of these performances was meant to experiment with the usage of public space through performance art. Performances will be taking place sporadically throughout the park ensuring as many visitors as possible encounter a happening. "

Anna Kroll & Elizabeth Weinstein
Annette Monnier & Yvonne Lung
Beth Heinly
Cory Kram
Diedra Krieger
Jes Gamble
Peter Morgan
Tara White
Tyler Kline
Valerie Perczek