Exhibition:The Forgotten

(working title/work in-progress)
Written by jesgamble on June 30th, 2016
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image: Hand and Photography, Jes Gamble
Hand and Photography, Jes Gamble
if you have found yourself here you have found a section about my current project, an over 1,000 sq. ft. immersive installation I'm in the midst of creating along with my team of 6 extraordinary art assistants.

More information about them below!

New Update:

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that I will be having a solo exhibition of my artwork this October in Philadelphia!! This is a fantastic opportunity to see a breath of my work in person.

Majority of the artwork exhibited will be paintings, drawings and photography along with inprocess installation works for my current installation you see here. 

Any artworks sold will go towards helping fund this installation project. 

More info. coming soon!

Fundraising Campaign Video
(work in progress)
Here is the fundraising campaign video. It's almost complete with just a few more tweaks that I would like to create with the help of videographer Daniel Brown from Wide Eyed Pictures.

During the video you will see examples of some of my artwork including one of my works on a billboard in Philadelphia! 

The billboard was located on Broad Street across from where the movie, "12 Monkey's"was shot with Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis. 

 I became very interested in human emotions and psychology at a very young age through some of the personal experiences I faced as a young girl living through abuse and trauma. 

Being able to conquer and process is extremely important. This a huge part of my art, being able to connect with  those who have gone through some of the same experiences as well as providing insight for those who haven't. We as a species our all in this together and need to form a deeper apperciation for each of our unique experiences. 
Additional Videos
A behind the scenes look at an installation I installed by myself late 2010 inside a 17' x 12' x11' space. 

Please note: I was very sleep deprived, dirty and had been sleeping on the concrete floor while I was installing this over a 2 week span. It may sound a bit extreme but that time alone in the space allowed me to dive deeper into my art, psyche and the materials that I use in which to create my work and forge deeper connections with my artistic journey. 
A look during one of my performances n an installation space I created for EverNever Night Market, 2013.  Participants were invited to stitch into the flesh walls leaving traces of themselves. During a section in this video I did jump out of my character to greet long time very close friends of mine. 
The Importance of My Materials
(click on the image of one of my outdoor installations below to learn more)
Some of the Supply Breakdown Needs
(note: research is being done on 3D printing as well)
image: Hand and photography, Jes Gamble
Hand and photography, Jes Gamble
Here is a supply break down for some of our needs to create the installation. There are more items that will be needed which I will be added a bit later.
Color mediums (cost and shipping):

5 gallons



Yellow tracing paper rolls:

50 yards

50 x  $26.75= $1,337.50

x 100= $2675


White tracing paper rolls:

50 yards

50 x $37.08 = $1,854

x 100 = $3,708


Tracing sheets:

19” x 24”

50 sheets

50 x $78.60= $3,930

x  100 = $7,121.50



Non-metallic - 6 colors x 6 spools each= $179.64

Metallic - 8 colors x 10 spools each= $239.20


Copper wire:



Packing tape:

8 cases of 36 rolls



Plastic wrap:

4 cases  



Sheer Nylon and pliable fabrics:  


10 bolts

$2,500 - $7,500



150 shells

1,500 shells= $350


Misc. supplies and shipping:



High end total: $30,167.70

Low end total: $18,034.70
A Superb and Talented Art Assistant Team
(Photos shot and edited by,
Jes Gamble)
Lisa Simon


Lisa Simon is an artist and activist from the suburbs of Philadelphia. They work in a variety of media including photography, video, language based audio, textiles, and sculpture from repurposed materials--domestic, social, public and private. Lisa prefers to use materials and media in a way that reflects their values, that is self- social- and eco- conscious, and that is without pretense. The idea determines the form.

Lisa brings to this project their skills with textiles earned from early in life up to their BFA thesis project, which has its focus on identity and privilege. The message contained therein is conveyed with self sabotage and sarcasm, through the lens of mental illness and stigma.

Sky Bright
Sky Bright is a model, but primarily a sculptor born in Naples, FL and grew up in Gaithersburg, MD that now lives in South Philadelphia. Bright fuses polymer clay, steel, copper, and mixed medias using ideas of gender, sexuality, the body, and body function as symbols/tools to reflect upon modern American culture. However she enjoys working in a variety of medias such as photography, animation, make-up, and jewelry that all derived from her Fine Art Degree from Moore College of Art and Design and inspired from her Art History Minor. With a theatrical aesthetic Bright hopes to eventually work behind the scenes in Hollywood as an artist and model spreading a message of self confidence and positivity with every endeavor incorporated into the uncanny aesthetic she has acquired.
Karen Perlera

Goofy, dancing machine born in Boston. Philadelphia resident as of 2009 but also spent time working and living abroad in Madrid,Spain and Montezuma, Costa Rica. Lover of arts. Photographer. Colombian/Salvadoran. Empath. Daytime job- Community Relations Liaison for a psych- hospital. Pursuing long time dreams of making art and excited about a possible career change. Will bring positive energy, integrity, wu-tang vibes, and dedication to the team. 
Sam Perry

Sam Perry is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Philadelphia. She is passionate about introducing youth to the benefits of art and creative expression through her work with Portside Arts Center, a local nonprofit that specializes in visual and performing arts and arts integration. Perry received her BFA from Stockton University, and works primarily in mixed media, combining oil paint, drawing, and carefully chosen vintage ephemera to create works that express an order through chaos; an expression of the layered and nuanced human experience we all share. She collaborates regularly with artists, musicians, and event organizers to lend her talents to large scale paintings and immersive installations that can be seen at events across the North Eastern United States. Perry is interested in exploring the healing nature of making art, and aspires to earn a Masters Degree in Art Therapy.


Yamna Matin Afridi

Yamna Matin Afridi has always had a deep appreciated for art and the talents of artists. This project is a great opportunity to contribute her knowledge, perspective and skills to a a field she cherishes while learning a great deal.  Yamna is professionally a dentist from Pakistan, and during her clinical career has worked with acrylic and the art of tooth preparation., Being from a completely different background and culture this is turning out to be such an amazing project to be apart of lending her knowledge and experiences from her own background being a young woman from the Asia and at the same time doing some of the things she loves most; traveling, and learning of other cultures and their art.
Jenna Borges

Jenna Borges is an aspiring art conservationist with a focus in Italian renaissance and baroque style sculpture. She was born in 1993 in Trevose, Pennsylvania and has just recently received her BFA in Glass from Tyler School of Art, Temple University. She is drawn to glass for its reliance on the cultivation of technical skill as it relates to the preservation of historical artwork. Previously she has studied abroad in Rome, Italy and in the future intends to pursue a Masters in Art Conservation. How our current art practices are influenced by the history of the art world at large is an underlying inspiration for her own specific studio practice. She currently works in fabrication making and pouring different types of molds, which is why she is excited to help Jes on this large installation with the life cast portion of the show. Borges’ most recent work was from her Senior Thesis exhibition where she showcased works that transform everyday found objects between 2 and 3 dimensions with a focus on repetitive process.images can be found at
Jenna Borges
Preliminary Installation Sketches
(An updated version will be uploaded soon along with additional sketches)
image: 24" x 36"
24" x 36"
(Click on image above to view details and more in depth writings on the preliminary installation sketches.)
Work in Progress 
(click image to view regularly updated images of work in progress) 
Installation Samples
(more info. and samples coming soon)
Small sample for large sculptural elements
Another working sample to create representational insect like memory capsules
image: (Assistant contribution Sky Bright)
(Assistant contribution Sky Bright)
Hand embroiderd tissue sample.

These tissue like pieces will be used in a variety of ways including along the walls, on and inside of the life sized human casts along with other sculptural elements. 
image: Detail
image: Hand embroiderd gypsy moth-like flesh.
Hand embroiderd gypsy moth-like flesh.
These hand stitched nylon panels will be stretched in maze like patterns through the gallery space reminiscent of gypsy moth webbing on a human capacity. 
image: (Assistant contribution, Lisa Simon)
(Assistant contribution, Lisa Simon)
Working sample for life casts interior and exterior adornments.

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