What's going on?

Written by Jes Gamble on November 17, 2014
So you are probably wondering what has been going on?  As I write this I am extremely exhausted my hair a mess and I feel like I need much more caffeine. Well, plainly put I probably have too much on my plate. Good thing I am fairly well versed in this sort of exhaustion and grand list of things to accomplish. One of the biggest grand items on my current list and excitingly so is my acceptance to exhibit in Philadelphia through the Force Field Project in a big beautiful warehouse space!! Force Field is a Project of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia, a charitable trust supporting diverse cultural practices in the Philadelphia region. .
image: Warehouse in Philadelphia  where I will be creating my largest installation to date.
Warehouse in Philadelphia where I will be creating my largest installation to date.
This will be my biggest installation to date, 18'x 54' x 20" That's what I said, Feet!! With this wonderful news my time has shifted to getting work completed on such a large project but not only that but on April 15th I submitted a proposal for an art grant to install an interactive art installation in Maryland through, The Philadelphia Experiment during their Summer Festival.

There was a lot of thought and planning that went into this outdoor installation proposal. And not only this but I'm looking to in about a week or so plan out and submit another installation proposal for an exhibition in New York. You may say to yourself well that doesn't seem like much well I will tell you when I'm not applying to shows I also help with a website platform I helped to create along side Michael Riley called Simplpost. I am extremely proud of our website platform for which you shoud totally check out. I'll blog more about Simplpost hopefully in the upcoming weeks. When not working on grant applications, exhibition submissions and Simplpost I restore art and antiques. Why you may ask? Simply put because I need to make money so I may buy art supplies, food and such. With what time is left over I squeeze in cooking, cleaning, errands, art making, workshops, talks, meetings, blogging, working on my website, research, social media, and attempting to stay level headed and sane. Did I say I feel really tired?

And again a huge love hug for all the support you have given me over the years.
With deep appreciation and affection, 
image: In-process drawing
In-process drawing