First Shoot with Ariel

I'm absolutely, completely enthralled to release this as the first image and sneak peak to our first shoot. We will be shooting in the very near future in a few other locations with a few different attires. This first outfit was a collaboration between Ariel and myself. Ariel brought those beautiful pearls you see. 

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day in so many ways for shooting, and as the weather turned even more cloudy and grey when Ariel transitioned into my hand-stitched pieces with her dance background and the wind...

You'll just have to wait and see! I will be uploading the outdoor installation photos from Maryland. As well and if all is still intact Riley did shoot some video of the installation moving with the wind! I'll have to track them down. Also, I have some photos from the things I have been working on the past week and this weekend including the new head adornment AND I'm preparing a surface for a new oil painting!! I know your jaw just dropped.

Much love and tenderness.