Another Release

image: Dancer and model, Ariel D'Agostino
Dancer and model, Ariel D'Agostino
So a quick update: I will be uploading images of the drawing stage of my new painting I'm working on tomorrow! So keep an eye out. I can't tell you how excited I am about this painting, and all of my projects! I'll also attempt to chip away at all my other "to do's" as well over the days, of course. If you have been wondering about the raffle drawings they are still on the way, I swear. I had to make an executive decision to begin painting before the cold sets in and I must close the windows. It's not so good breathing in paint fumes and solvents. Drawing, not as toxic. Last week I had some tech events I had to attend. I have a couple this week as well besides work. So I'm fitting it all in there best I can. 

Much love to you and yours despite the heavy happenings in our world. Be proactive and remember to laugh,