Update on Painting

Written by on November 17, 2014
image: Section of painting
Section of painting
After many hours of painting an entire Sunday (probably around 12 hours) this is where I am. It's really starting to come along with layering the darks and lights. Still have a long way to go on this hand, but If time permitting in-between work, photo shoots, test prints, meetings, tech meet-ups and art receptions that I attend every week I may be able to have this hand complete or really close to done by the end of this upcoming weekend.
image: Closer detail of that section
Closer detail of that section
image: An even closer detail
An even closer detail
Still a work in progress but I'm so happy with the progress!
image: The chaos of my palette
The chaos of my palette
And here is my palette from the last painting session before I scraped it clean yesterday to start fresh. A free spirit of a palette but if you know me I can be a bit of a free spirit myself... (wink)

I have a lot of things in the works such as art creating, submissions to exhibitions as well as grants and possible fellowships etc. So definitely send me your good wishes and the ability to get some sleep!

Stay tuned for all the happenings.

All the best for your Monday!