Life of an Artist

Written by jesgamble on July 5, 2016
image: Note this picture is of me heating up my food,
Note this picture is of me heating up my food,
I've refrained from sharing my day to day struggles as an artist which I can assure you there have been many.. 

And these pictures mean something. They have a place and a time that was vitally important for me that I now know and will learn more as time passes. 

Besides the the fact I've already gone through a crazy whirlwind of struggles as a child through adulthood. I am still struggling to live out my dreams and passions. 

If we have one life to live I need to go after my goals. I can't say I've lived my life how I've truly wanted to but I still have hope and a determined unrelenting tenacity as an artist who will not relent on my dreams. 

I hear time and time again you are a talented and very determined woman. You will accomplish what it is you are after. 

Well, may I inquire how I am to do this if everyone pushes me off to the side falsely thinking the next person will help. What happens then? I become a modern day tale of  Francesca Woodman,  Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, and  Julia Margaret Cameron to name a few.

And I stop and wonder what some of the most celebrated artists went through in their lives and how many similarities there are between our struggles. How many of them suffered with no way to see in the dark, to go out in an attempt to collect the support of the community with just a pat on the back and a few words of encouragement. 

And one of my questions looking at this list, how many absolutely incredibly mind blowingly talented women never received notoriety ever? 

How many women fall into anonymity and are never respected for what they were able to accomplish? How many more never had the opportunities to contribute to our human existence? 

It's not a fucking struggle it's a fucking battle.