For Your Wednesday

Written by jesgamble on October 1, 2014
Another photo release from our first shoot with the lovely Ariel D'Agostino.

Things are happening. since last I posted here! The Kitchen is almost finished, just need to spackle and paint a few sections. Also, in the works probably today cleaning my studio to set up for painting in there. I've been painting on the dinner table. For you see, I was too excited about painting that I couldn't control myself enough to clean my studio and decided to dive right in! But my boyfriend has protested enough times all of my painting mess being all over the table that I suppose it's time I rearrange and clean my studio.  Maybe I will upload before and after shots...

In other news, applied for my next outdoor installation, applied for a show in D.C., as well as another show here in Philly. Going Friday for test prints and to check on costs. Also, figuring out a framing system for my prints that will possibly be in upcoming exhibitions. Waiting on my new phone so I can take much better in-process shots! And there are many other happenings but I'll stop here for today so as to not bombard you too much!

Much Love,