image: Body Embodiment worn by dancer and model Ariel D'Agostino
Body Embodiment worn by dancer and model Ariel D'Agostino
Whoa, what bleep did I do!?!? Simply, I cut my "Body Embodiment" open. What is this? I created this as a conceptual tangible reality of another skin. A skin in which you can crawl inside of to hide from others as a sense of protection, even hiding from yourself and reality, burying oneself into a cocoon.  A manifestation of a second skin to perhaps investigate oneself further without outside distractions to find out more about who you are from your past to one day reveal a new confident self. A conduit for transformation.
This is a photo of myself inside the "body embodiment" which was taken by my friend Elizabeth Karasek, during my performance for the 'Ever Never Night Market" 2013.

By cutting my "Embodiment" open this does not mean that I am devaluing my art. I am just sharing what I've know for a long time about my hand-stitched body pieces. 
Here is a video still from my first performance at the Pennsylavania Academy of the Fine Arts, 2010. The video was shot by Daniel Brown of Wide Eyed Pictures.

More video stills found here: http://jesgamble.com/art/37/46/
So what does all of this mean? Well, I may eventually allow my performance pieces to be available and transformable. A piece of art that was used in a variety of artistic mediums and performances, that may also be worn as a couture piece if so choses. All I'm saying is there are some incredibly exciting avenues ahead. I'll be releasing  more  images so keep a look out! 

Much Love,