All Along the Watchtower. 2013

An exhibition featuring artist's interpretations and reactions to villainy, from the mundane nuisance of people in our lives to comic book & other fiction narratives as well as thoroughly real and dangerous social phenomena. This show will examine alternative notions of dual identity, such as commonly accepted hero/villain dynamics.
image: Bad Men by Avdo Babic
Bad Men by Avdo Babic
All Along the Watchtower, was curated by Jon F. Allen, Mary Coyle, Brain James Spies, and David E. Williams and exhibited at Pterodactyl in Philadelphia.

Exhibiting Artists:
Jon F. Allen
 Alison Nastasi
Joseph Lozano 
Timothy Allen
Meta Faith Venus Zhuraw 
K. Malcolm Richards
Rodney Thoms 
Jonathan Canady & Suzie Assault Rifle
Annie Carson
Mary Coyle
Jes Gamble
Tyler Kline,
Menaka Gopalan
Matt Sokolski
Brian Spies
Avdo Babic
Ana Vizcarra Rankin
Matthew Fishel
David E. Williams
Jim Ether
Thomas Nola
Jerome Deppe
Adel Souto
Aaron Lange
David Talento
Jon Michael Williams.