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Can You Tell Me Where Their Graves Are?

A tragic part of our history that cannot be forgotten.
Years ago I found 2 extremely long photographs framed and discarded in the trash on the street. Mold was creeping along the matting  and the images were tragic but there was something inside me that said I should walk home with these two 4' long discarded photographs. 
I carefully released them from their mold invested frames, inspecting the images of concentration camp victims and polish families holding signs asking where their family members were or their bodies could possibly be. 
To this day I do not know where these photographs came from, who shot the images, who framed them or who threw them out. 
But what I do know, we can never forget the travesties that have been committed in the name of hate, greed and power from years ago or happening this very day. 

Invitation to the closing of Pierce

If you were unable to attend the opening of my solo exhibition, "Pierce" no fear there will be a closing! 

Additional pieces and alterations will change the landscape of the gallery space. Whether you were able to attend the opening or you were unable to make it, you do not want to miss the closing! 

Closing Information:
Kitchen Table Gallery
October 29th, 6-9 pm
1853 North Howard Street
Phila. PA. 

I will be present in some of my performance attire. The talented John Schenk aka Tantrum Tonic will grace us with his mastery of sound. And light refreshments will be provided.

AND, There will be a few of my pieces being offered for collection through raffles as well as purchase. 

Stop through on your way to Halloween festivities. If you are in costume even better!

A Rare Opportunity

Written by jesgamble on August 15, 2016
image: At the end of every Paper Dance, Janine Antoni would discard the paper used during her performance.
At the end of every Paper Dance, Janine Antoni would discard the paper used during her performance.
The Fabric Workshop with its stunning white ornate building with blue trim housed an excellent and moving exhibition featuring 3 artists Anna Halprin, Stephen Petronio and Janine Antoni during the Summer of 2016. I attended the exhibition on 2 different occasions. My first trip was during the very beginning of  Paper Dance, viewing the 3rd of 14 performances and then again witnessed the very final performance of Paper Dance.

Paper Dance, the original form was created by Anna Halprin, is an extraordinary dance artist who was creating artworks for quite sometime before Antoni. Antoni's rendition was just as touching on so many levels as her energy ripped through the room as she told the story of her life through dance with this fragile, malleable yet powerful abstracted version of herself and her life. 

"Once a week for fourteen weeks at the Fabric Workshop, I will perform my own paper dance surrounded by thirty-six crates that contain my works—they’ll be laid out as audience seating. Each time I start the performance, I will open a crate and bring the work out to sit with the viewers, so that my works can witness the dance too. Twenty-two rolls of paper will be leaning against the wall, and each time I perform I’ll take a roll and transform it through the dance. The paper’s endlessly malleable, always producing images—it directs me. When I perform, one of my pieces will be out at the same time. I will treat each instance of this like a small show by creating a narrative line throughout all the performances, accentuating various aspects of my pieces and how they relate to the dance. But I do have to say, there’s something incredibly significant for me while my works are in their crates. They’re still alive for me without being seen, and it’s comforting to be surrounded by my history. But they have an uncomfortable presence too—a burdensome weight. I can feel them in the room, like people standing there. The work can still support me when crated and “invisible.” The paper is alive and the past work is still alive—absence and presence coalesce, exist at the same time. During the time between every performance, there will be a film fragment from a fifty-one-year-old recording of Anna’s Parades and Changes playing among the crates, to make the show feel “in process,” in flux, unfinished. It’s the first time I’ll truly be working with the notion of duration, and how meaning evolves over time. Creative work isn’t linear—it’s more of a spiral." excerpt from Artforum interview with Janine Antoni.
image: Janine Antoni, To Twine, 2015.
Janine Antoni, To Twine, 2015.
One of the pieces uncrated during the dance to my glorious wonder was the piece seen above, To Twine, which was a piece by Janine Antoni that I had not seen before. Upon searching I found that this work is fairly recent created by Antoni in 2015. I can tell you that I'm absolutely in love with this exquisite sculptural piece on so many levels as well as so many of her artworks.

Concerning my own work this was an extremely important exhibition for me to experience, the works speaking on many issues that are dear to my heart including death, aging, intimacy and pschology. Swallow, which was a stunning and captivating piece that I was able to view but not in its entirety as the art work was performed privately to an audience of only ten by Antoni and Petronio. Eight audio sections were placed around the gallery space with the viewers reactions who had witnessed the performance between Janine Antoni and Stephen Petroni, who both swallowed an end of a 10 foot long cloth rope. To my understanding the cloth was assembled together and a print from the performance which was printed on the cloth. The cloth was then placed in a glass case while moths consumed it in a life cycle contained inside the glass case.  Absolutely breathtaking on so many levels, this cycle of love and death. If you know me fairly well...insects are of some importance to my artworks including moths.

If you have never looked into Janine Antoni and these other artists I highly recommend you do! 

Here's a wonderful little article I located on some of Janine Antoni's work that is pertinent to my own; Janine Antoni, Gets Personal.

“Our bodies physically store our memories. We are the history of our lives, so to be in touch with one’s body is to have access to those memories.”
image: Tape tabs signifying the original placement of the 22 rolls of paper before the performances. Seen also the projection of the original performed Paper Dance, Parades and Changes.
Tape tabs signifying the original placement of the 22 rolls of paper before the performances. Seen also the projection of the original performed Paper Dance, Parades and Changes.
(All photos seen taken by Yours Truly)

Throw Back

Written by jesgamble on August 6, 2016
A few photos from an installation I created with the help from an art grant I received from The Philadelphia Experiment in the Summer of 2015! The installation was installed in Darlington, Maryland. 
image: Incredible body cast model, Jae Paige.
Incredible body cast model, Jae Paige.
I'll upload more photographs from this install as soon as I can! Hope everyone is having a Gorgeous Weekend!!
Written by jesgamble on July 12, 2016
(note: I started working on this piece earlier and released today, July 25th, 2016.)
As the Truth to Power exhibition comes to an open I'm reminded of some of my own experiences I've been going through with putting together my most recent solo exhibition as well as past projects including one in particular...
image: Seen here myself cherishing the last moments before deinstalling my installation, 2014. Installation, 18' x 20' x 50'
Seen here myself cherishing the last moments before deinstalling my installation, 2014. Installation, 18' x 20' x 50'
This was one of the proudest moments in my life.  Being accepted into such an enormous and monumental exhibition with all the phenomenal talent that was juried into the show and I was one of them! 
Me, who seems to struggle striving to do what I love best and what I can bring to the world besides a really incredibly well cleaned toilet and a feeling of being overlooked.
At times I try to tell myself, maybe people aren't ready yet or maybe I just need to show them.  But how easy is that with a lack of time and funding? Especially with the depth of ideas I have circulating in my head. 
Because, you see,  I have more to offer.  Don't get me wrong -- a clean toilet is essential to a healthy happy life and everyone should clean their own damn toilet from time to time --but I sometimes do it to get by along with many other odd jobs that only an artist and maybe only myself would sign up to do. 
image: Seen here myself during uninstall of the incomplete installation.
Seen here myself during uninstall of the incomplete installation.
Nothing too weird, just for survival.  For a roof, a clean pillow and some food.  My life is not typical and I often have to get very creative to have some sort of normalcy to life.  Many I feel see me as an awkward, tired motherly figure and maybe less as an artist who will have an incredible impact on the history of art. I have to ask myself if this is because too much of my time is swallowed by a need to have a roof, a clean pillow and some food? 
image: Myself uninstalling only the first few layers of what was to be many of the installation.
Myself uninstalling only the first few layers of what was to be many of the installation.
This writing isn't so much about the specific exhibition I previously mentioned but more so a revealing of what I've come to realize all too often like a sledgehammer to the face repeatedly.

It's almost as if life keeps slapping me upside the head saying, "Why are you wasting your time working for other people's needs and goals when you should be creating?'  But I then have to remind myself this doesn't happen over night and I'm on my own journey placing the pieces where I want them but they don't always fit or at least not at that moment.  Many times I feel like an outsider outside the outsiders.  And I've been asking myself where am I going to focus the next part of my life?  Working for others or working towards my dreams with the time I have left in this life?
image: A view as the installation walls were coming down.
A view as the installation walls were coming down.
A ittle back story on the previously mentioned juried exhibition:

Before the artists were set free to begin working on our art installations I couldn't help the tears that began to overtake my eyes and blur my vision while heat flushed my cheeks and consumed my body with a surge of feelings, including embarrassment and pride.

I've been here all too often with what some may consider my sensitive nature hoping no one in the room happens to notice the twitching of my face and the quiver of my lips.  Feeling out of place and that I'm the only one with hot pulsing flesh around my skull completely in awe and beyond thankful that I've made it this far.

During this exhilarating yet painfully loud internal moment,  I had never envisioned the outcome that would come to be so.  Don't get me wrong -- I had my many worries and doubts of course.  But not that I would never be able to finish the installation due to the Philadelphia Licenses and Inspection shutting down the entire exhibition.

Over 40 large scale installation artist teams were affected, myself being one of them.  But that wasn't the only problem I faced during that project.  I learned a great deal about having a team of art assistants that you unfortunately are unable to pay, with their own lives and financial demands,  who have only so much time to spare.   Of course my assistants were of tremendous help when they could assist me with their tight schedules in-between work and other obligations.  

I learned that when I have a gut feeling that I'm going to need more time for install and upon asking for more time that when I'm denied, to demand harder or perhaps walk away from the entire project saving myself from otherworldly emotional and physical pain radiating through my entire being like dull knifes scraping against my skeleton. 

I spent the vast majority of time installing by myself day after day through many a sleepless night.  No one should put themselves through the intense violent pain I was experiencing, not even me.

I also learned a great deal about people's personalities and who will be truly supportive even if only through words of encouragement and compassion.  I also learned I'm an incredibly intelligent and creative woman who has every right to pursue my dreams to their fullest capacity.
image: My Mother, Sister and myself rolling up the unfinished walls of the installation.
My Mother, Sister and myself rolling up the unfinished walls of the installation.
Each project, each experience adds up to help form our next decisions. The twists and turns greatly contributing one moment as well as previous ones contributing to the ultimate decision to do things on my own terms for my next exhibition. 
Once I received the news about the show being shut down my heart sank like death to the bottom of an ocean.  And yet at that point the overwhelming exhaustion was so strong, numbing my body while pulling my consciousness into a dark abyss that it was too much to fight against after not sleeping for days.
Anything can happen at anytime when executing such large, consuming and demanding projects.  I completely get that. But I've decided instead of putting things in the hands of others I'm claiming it for myself and controlling my project and my art.  I can tell you I've been on this mission since the late Winter/early Spring of 2016 and it's been quite a journey.  But it's been my journey. 

My current immersive installation is thunderously more crucial than the previous mentioned install because I've set out to accomplish a very huge dream of mine on my own.   I have a tremendous road ahead of me and believe me it's not absent of hurdles both project wise and personal. But every day becomes more and more exciting as I step closer to this project becoming a reality.. 

With all this being said without going into more gritty detail of the hurdles I faced and will in the future,  I ask that you keep this in mind considering all the sacrifice including physical and mental demands that go into projects such as these. Over the course of the next 3 days I ask that you highly consider attending the Truth to Power exhibition which opens today.  And of course my solo exhibition that's on it's way!!!! 
(more news of my solo exhibition soon!!)
When life and this project get difficult, as it inevitably does, I from time to time look at this fortune, and I feel a little more determined and a little more spirited!!!
Other writings of mine in regard to the experience.




(Also, include more install pics) 

Social Media Links

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image: Hand embroderded sample piece for immersive installation, 2016.
Hand embroderded sample piece for immersive installation, 2016.
Hope everyone is having gorgeous days!!
If you were wondering about connecting on other social media platforms links are below.

Looking forward to connecting! 


Art I Enjoyed at the New Whitney Opening, 2015.

Written by jesgamble on March 24, 2016
So yes, indeed I did attend this opening a while back ago. And yes, it does seem strange to let all this time pass to make this post.  But, if you knew all of what I've gone through the past 10-11 months I'm sure you would be shocked and quite understanding.  
Without further ado!!! 

I'm Releasing a Fundraising Campaign!

Written by jesgamble on December 11, 2015
It's true, I'm getting ready to release my fundraising campaign to help raise funds for my solo exhibition set for October, 2016! ! Which will be a very time intensive, massive and immersive project that I'm beyond estactic to create!!!

In other words this is my grandest and most crucial project in my career to date. 
I've been working  extremely hard on the fundraising video with the incredibly talented Daniel Brown of Wide Eyed Pictures.  Actually, the images you see here are stills from the video.

So keep a look out for the Fundraising Campaign Release soon very soon and till then sign up below to receive announcements and info. on the campaign and my solo exhibition!!

With LOVE,


Email address


International Art Exposition of Modern and Contemporary Art

Written by jesgamble on September 17, 2015
Éclat Magazine is sending me out there and I am absolutely estactic to absorb all of the art and people!  I have only been to Chicago once many years ago, so this is a very exciting experience for me. After my stay in Chicago I will then go to Denver to check out the art scene! 

So much going on and so much excitement!  

I do have many back blog posts I need to write, website updates with my art including information but I will do my best to get everything up in a timely fashion.

There has been quite a lot happening since I've been away. Some of which I' can talk about some of which I can't but regardless soon you will know of many things...

Sending much Love and Success,


Art Frieze

Written by jesgamble on July 14, 2015
image: All photos shot  by Jes Gamble
All photos shot by Jes Gamble
My how time does fly! After my laptop was stolen I became a bit depressed and decided to focus still on my art but wasn't working on my website. Apologies as I will be playing catch up on here. So if you are my friend on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you probably have been more up to date with what has been happening in my art and in my life. One of which was the great great opportunity I had of attending Art Frieze!!!
How did I get to Art Frieze you may ask? Two incredible individuals Rufus Rankin and Ana Vizcarra Rankin!! Ana is a stupendous artist so be sure to check out her website by clicking on her name! It's always a beautiful thing when people invite you along on their adventures!! Especially when it's your very first Art Fair!!! 
How was it? An absolutely wonderful experience!!! I met so many lovely people and saw some truly stunning art by artists whom I had not heard of yet as well as many  whom I greatly respect. 
I was able to see so many inspiring works that inform my own work in a variety  of ways both visually and conceptually.
image: Lynda Benglis
Lynda Benglis
image: Lynda Benglis
Lynda Benglis
image: Lynda Benglis
Lynda Benglis
image: Ghada Amer
Ghada Amer
image: Nick Cave
Nick Cave
image: Nick Cave
Nick Cave
image: Nick Cave
Nick Cave
image: Nick Cave
Nick Cave
image: Titus Kaphar
Titus Kaphar
image: Simon Fujiwara
Simon Fujiwara
image: Yinka Shonibare
Yinka Shonibare
image: Choe U-Ram
Choe U-Ram
image: Seung-taek Lee
Seung-taek Lee
image: Seung-Taek Lee
Seung-Taek Lee
image: Yinka Shonibare
Yinka Shonibare
image: Louise Bourgeois
Louise Bourgeois
This Louise Bourgeois piece is a very lovely find for me. I have of course known and loved her work for quite some time now but had never come across this particular piece before. Seeing this reminds me so much of my work in particular these two scenes from my performance inside one of my installation below.
image: Jes Gamble
Jes Gamble
image: Jes Gamble
Jes Gamble
This particular piece above may bother some and I understand. But I feel it's not only extreme important for artist to have extreme technical skill and prowess that they continue to improve but it is also the job of the artist to get people to think not just look at attractive and skillfully painted objects. 
image: Broomberg and Chanarin
Broomberg and Chanarin
image: Broomberg and Chanarin
Broomberg and Chanarin
This is no where near all the incredible artwork I photographed nor was moved by but it is a small selection I thought I would share with you. To access more information on these artists and their websites simply click on the images. I did miss a few artists names. If you happen to know who they are feel free to message me so I can include their information.

Sending you all the best for a beautiful day!!! 

image: Wangechi Mutu
Wangechi Mutu
Written by on June 17, 2015
Many new updates are coming soon!! Lots of truly incredible things have been happening!!  Except for the unfortunate theft of my computer. 

I'll be posting soon! 

Hope all is Beautiful and your computer is never stolen!

An Extreme Honor

Written by jesgamble on April 13, 2015

I am beyond honored and excited to share that one of my photography pieces was chosen to represent The PEW Charitable Trusts, Art and Culture section of The State of the City Report 2015!!!!!!!

A huge thank you Sarah Stolfa of the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center and The PEW Charitable Trusts!!!!!

This means more to me than I could express.

And a huge thank you and congrats to model Ariel D'Agostino!!!!!

My soul is in a constant smile right now!

I'm on page 53!

With Extreme Gratitude, 

Another of my Ladies goes out into the World

Written by jesgamble on April 2, 2015
Another one of my limited edition signed photography prints is on her way to her new home with a brand new collector of my work Erin McGann, owner and creator of Tubular Gear.

I am completely honored and humbled.

Thank you Erin!!

It's absolutely incredibly exciting when new collectors start collecting my artwork. It means more than words can express.

And a huge thank you to Silicon Printing for creating this archival print for me! 

​If you are interested in collecting my work my store can be found here:


or if you would like to reach out to me directly:


To a Vibrant Spring,

​Jes Gamble
image: Detail of photography print, Gale, 2014. Model, Ariel D' Agostino
Detail of photography print, Gale, 2014. Model, Ariel D' Agostino

Holy Bleeeep, Master Artist Kris Kuksi Sent Me a Package...

Written by jesgamble on March 24, 2015
And here's what was inside! 
Not sure if this guy has a name or a title but was definitely not expecting to receive such an incredible original Kuksi in the mail.  

A little back story, about 2 years ago Kris Kuksi and I exchanged art prints. He sent me a print of his absolutely stunning piece Triumph and then I returned the favor by giving him one of my fine art photography prints.

Well, forward two years later (can't believe how fast time flies) and he kindly sent me this guy in the mail to my absolute surprise!
Upon receiving the package I was overwhelmed with feverish excitment and shock!  I of course took pictures before even opening the box and then each layer of packaging thus to pull out this incredible soldier.

Upon removing the outer clear case I enjoyed the faint scent of paint that wafted off the piece and looking at all the tiny little objects and symbols about the sculpture.

To my shock and delight I realized I finally have a Kris Kuksi that I own and can delicately touch!  All the Kuksi pieces I have seen have all been in galleries and we know touching is not allowed. 

This has been a dream of mine for years and years to own an original Kris Kuksi!!!

I'm still in delightful madness and shock.

Now all I have to do is make enough money to own bigger and bigger Kuksi artworks!
If you have never seen his extremely delicate and intricate work especially in person you are missing out and need to see it as soon as possible.

Kris Kuksi's collector list is extremely impressive, such collectors as Mark Parker (Nike CEO), Kay Alden (actress and writer), Chris Weitz (movie director The Golden Compass & Star Wars Rogue One), Guillermo del Toro (movie director Pan’s Labyrinth & Crimson Peak) and Robin Williams (Academy Award and Golden Globe winning actor) to name a few.

If you are on the east coast Kris Kuksi is having a solo exhibition in NYC this Fall at the Joshua Liner Gallery

So mark your calendars!

Kris Kuksi
New Works
October 15th - November 14th, 2015

Joshua Liner Gallery 
540 West 28th Street 
New York, NY 10001 

Now all I have to do is figure out what Jes Gamble original I am going to send him...

The pressure is on!!!

To Brighter and more Beautiful days,

Jes Gamble

Installation for Rizumu

Written by jesgamble on March 23, 2015
I had the privilege and honor of installing an environmental installation  for Rizumu's 13th anniversary in underground music and arts held at Bikram Yoga Philadelphia this past Saturday.

It was intoxicating meeting so many attendees who were filled with great excitement in meeting and thanking me for the art I created!  It was also incredible to have my artwork up with such tremendous musical talents Andrey Pushkarev, Roger Gerressen, WOLF DEM, and Jacob Herschel.

The whole team of people who came together to make this event brilliant is a wonderful one including a range of talent that I am extremely grateful. Everyone worked together seamlessly and brought terrific ideas to the table to create a tremendous celebration in music and arts.

Also, I would like to shout out to artists David Stanley Aponte and Buddy Nestor for assisting me the first night of install. Without the extra hands it would have taken more time to complete the installation.  David also took this wonderful shot of a section of my installation that Saturday night.

I will have more photos to upload soon. 

If you are interested in seeing some of the installation that is still up in person just visit Bikram Studios at 15th and Sansom in Philadelphia. They have stupendous classes and events.

I also have on exhibition at Bikram a range of my limited edition prints available for purchase. The works will be up for a month.  It's definitely worth the visit.
(215) 977-9642
To a Stunning Spring,


BillyPenn Launch Party

Written by jesgamble on March 2, 2015
So last Thursday I had the priviledge of attending the BillyPenn Launch Party in Philadelphia with Boxter a cutting edge content marketing startup. The event was sponsored by the Knight Foundation and Visit Philadelphia. The launch party also honored one of the founders of Boxter Michael Riley as one of the, "Who's Next: 17 Young Philly Startup Leaders"

The event took place at Union Trust with bars stocked with adult beverages and scrumptious hors d'oeuvres.  As you can see the space was spectacular!! I met an array of incredible people including the founder of BillyPenn Jim Brady's parents! I quite enjoyed chatting with his mother about art! 

Till next time!

Much Love,


Inliquid Benefit V.15

Written by jesgamble on February 8, 2015
image: First night during the Young Professionals event.
First night during the Young Professionals event.
WOW, what an incredible weekend!

The Inliquid Beneifit V. 15 annual event which was this past Friday and Saturday was truly a wonderful affair. My head may still be spinning from all the terrific people, food and spirits. 

I can now officially say I have been in the same exhibition as Shepard Fairey! Along with other greats such as James Dupree, Brian Dennis, Louise O'Rouke, Ana Vizcarra Rankin and Caitlin T. McCormack. Just a handful of so many incredibly talented artists that exhibited in the Ice Box at Crane Arts in Philadelphia this past weekend. 
image: First night during the Young Professionals event.
First night during the Young Professionals event.
The crowds were huge both nights but definitely especially auction night on Saturday. As an exhibiting artist I couldn't have been happier with being apart of such a splendid event and benefit. 
image: First night during the Young Professionals event.
First night during the Young Professionals event.
It was a grand privilege to exhibit in the Ice Box. A huge and beautiful art gallery and project space here in Philadelphia that I've been wanting to exhibit in and I did! 
image: Attendee during Saturday nights auction looking at my piece.
Attendee during Saturday nights auction looking at my piece.
So many wonderful guests and patrons filled the space. It's always intriguing and wondefully exciting to me to observe viewers interacting and reacting to my work.
image: Eva Piatek checking out my piece during Saturday nights auction.
Eva Piatek checking out my piece during Saturday nights auction.
And the most exciting thing about the weekend for me besides meeting such superb individuals and seeing good friends was my piece sold that night and is thus going on to a new home!!

Much love and warmth,
image: SOLD!!

News on my 1st Exhibition of 2015

Written by jesgamble on January 26, 2015
No, it's not a solo show but it is a really fabulous exhibition and auction!!!
I've decided to submit the photo you see above to the Inliquid Art and Design Benefit v.15

"InLiquid brings to light the richness of our region’s art activity, broadens audiences, and heightens appreciation for all forms of visual culture."
If you love my signed and framed limited edition c-print and would like to make an advance online bid simply click on the link here!


The first night of the exhibition will be:

Young Professionals Night 
Friday, February 6th, 2015 6pm–9:30pm

A special, high-profile preview cocktail reception and networking event for young professional leaders in the Philadelphia area. Guests to this event will be among the first to view and place advance bids on the artwork and other items being offered for the benefit. This event is $5 in advance and $10 at the door.

Link for tickets.

Auction Night:


February 7th, 2015

This much-anticipated event is not only a fabulous social happening but also a showcase for exceptional contemporary art featuring work from the emerging to the established. Most importantly of course, this benefit event is the major annual fundraiser for InLiquid, which supports and promotes visual artists while serving as a comprehensive hub and catalyst for our region’s arts community.


5 – 6:30 pm

A more intimate and formal occasion for high-level patrons, collectors, and sponsors to preview the art and items on display for auction. Features exclusive live entertainment and an enhanced catering experience, sponsored by Birchtree Catering. Tickets are $85 in advance, $100 at the door.

Tickets are available on the auction website.


General Admission:
6:30 – 10 pm

A fabulous social happening and a showcase for the works of the region’s premier visual artists. Array of art, gift certificates, jewelry, and design items available in a silent auction, not to mention fabulous food stations, sponsored by Birchtree Catering, and specialty cocktails at the bar. Tickets are $50 in advance, $65 at the door.

Tickets are available on the auction website.

Location for both nights:

Crane Arts

1400 N. American St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19122



I will be in attendance both nights and thoroughly looking forward to both affairs!

Hope to see your fabulous self there!!


Much love,


image: And here is a sneak peek of one of my next photo releases.
And here is a sneak peek of one of my next photo releases.

Sending My Ladies Out into the World

Written by jesgamble on January 26, 2015
I forgot to tell you recently I sold 5 of my signed photography prints! Was absolutely elated to see these ladies go to such a lovely home!!

The new owner and I met up and discussed many things including my artistic process, "letter of authenticity"  that I provided for each photo and future projects of mine. Also, he expressed interest in learning more of my art history which I think is great. I learned a lot of about the new owner as well such as he is an avid art collector and artist himself.

Really happy these ladies will be enjoyed by him!

Hope everyone is having a Beautiful day!!


The Articulate Preview Screening

Written by jesgamble on January 19, 2015
I forgot to tell you that I went to the preview screening of Articulate with host Jim Cotter! Articulate is a new tv series appearing on WHYY-TV for it's first season. It will reveal the stories of many extremely talented Philadelphian artists spanning a range of exciting mediums. If you so happen to be interested the series is on Thursdays at 10:30 pm and Sundays at 1 pm. 

The preview event was a splendid affair with great wine and good noshes which included fondue and pad thai, both were delightful! Somehow I only managed to take one picture that evening but at least it's a pretty decent pic because I just so happen to have caught Jim Cotter standing tall with the bouquet you see here sort of in a way pointing towards him.

There were a ton of people who attended than what you see here, trust me. I snapped this in the beginning when I was fashionably on time so to speak...

I also had the great pleasure of meeting Bill Marrazzo the President and CEO of WHYY as well as the honor to be in the same room as many wonderful individuals including artists, mover-and-shakers, distinguished guests and none other than Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer and Joseph Neubauer of the Neubauer Family Foundation.

It was a very wonderful and inspirational night!

Much Love,


My Last Art Creation of 2014

Written by jesgamble on December 31, 2014
Here she is, the sneak peek of my final art creation of 2014! Check back later this week for more images.

P.S. I love this piece!

There's a lot more to her but you'll have to either experience her in person or wait for the pictures...

Have a Gorgeous journey tonight to 2015!! 



And the Winner is...

Written by jesgamble on January 18, 2015
A serious congratulations to Josh on winning this 16" x 24" signed proof print of mine! So happy to see it go to a fantastic home!! 

Print Giveaway!

Written by jesgamble on December 4, 2014
image: Photo created by artist as well as hand stitched adornment model is wearing. This adornment is used in other projects created by the artist. Model: Ariel D'Agostino. 2014
Photo created by artist as well as hand stitched adornment model is wearing. This adornment is used in other projects created by the artist. Model: Ariel D'Agostino. 2014

​I'm holding a "Print Giveaway" and you're invited to Enter!!


​Just in time for the Holidays!!!

Here's the details

I am giving away this signed "Proof Print", 16"x24" for free. All you have to do is enter the drawing by signing up on my email list between now and Dec. 17th by midnight. I will then randomly select the winner the next day. 

That simple.

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Note: if you do not live in the Philadelphia area and are able to pick up the piece you must pay for shipping. I will ship flat not rolled. 

Also note: Signing up more than once does not get you more chances at winning. Whomp, Wha.



Thought I'd Share

Written by jesgamble on October 5, 2014
image: In-progres hand-stitched head adornment. 2014
In-progres hand-stitched head adornment. 2014
A lot is going on and of course I feel a little sick. Nooooo! Hopefully I don't die.

Anyhoo, thought I would share that I'm pretty sure I will be including this head piece I am working on again in my next outdoor installation. 'How', you may be asking yourself? You will just have to wait and find out. But am completely enthralled about this new project of mine. Keep an out for in-process shots and information on the exhibition.

This week I need to either procure or create a lovely frame and create a lovely print of one of my photographic pieces which will be exhibited in Washington D.C.! Really excited about this incredibly wonderful opportunity made possibly by a talented artist who goes by the name of Matt Pinney

Also, patiently waiting to find out if my work has been accepted in a wonderful exhibition this mid-October. I hope, I hope!
image: The green is indeed one of the colors I painted the kitchen.
The green is indeed one of the colors I painted the kitchen.
A completely wonderful surprise happened this week my work was accepted for the opening and sign raising of Frank's Kitchen. A talented mixture of superb creatives and place of artistic manifestations.

"Frank’s Kitchens is a Philadelphia based artistic design and fabrication collaborative. Founded in 2007 inside a small warehouse on North Hancock Street in Kensington, FK got its start primarily as a place to build massive human-powered kinetic sculptures for the annual sculpture derby during the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival. Today, now in a much larger space off Frankford Ave, Frank’s Kitchen is a fiery collective of passionate creativity hosting artists who breathe to think and dream, and live to collaborate and build. FK is comprised of a myriad of personal backgrounds from engineers, to designers, to metal smiths, to electricians, to carpenters to filmmakers."

The shotty cell phone picture below is my piece, "Let into the Air" and an installation I created for the exhibition. I'll be heading back there to take better pics and share them here hopefully this week. 

Have a photo shoot planned this week, casting for the outdoor installation, a possible artist meeting to potentially be included in a really exciting project and finally cleaning my studio so I can continue the painting I am currently working on.

For this Sunday though, I'll work on the head piece and some cleaning while continuing to drink tons of tea in hopes to kick whatever this 'not feeling so good' is in the butt.  

Hope all of you stay more than well and healthy!


For Your Wednesday

Written by jesgamble on October 1, 2014
Another photo release from our first shoot with the lovely Ariel D'Agostino.

Things are happening. since last I posted here! The Kitchen is almost finished, just need to spackle and paint a few sections. Also, in the works probably today cleaning my studio to set up for painting in there. I've been painting on the dinner table. For you see, I was too excited about painting that I couldn't control myself enough to clean my studio and decided to dive right in! But my boyfriend has protested enough times all of my painting mess being all over the table that I suppose it's time I rearrange and clean my studio. FAH. Maybe I will upload before and after shots...

In other news, applied for my next outdoor installation, applied for a show in D.C., as well as another show here in Philly. Going Friday for test prints and to check on costs. Also, figuring out a framing system for my prints that will possibly be in upcoming exhibitions. Waiting on my new phone so I can take much better in-process shots! And there are many other happenings but I'll stop here for today so as to not bombard you too much!

Much Love,


The Happenings

Written by on November 17, 2014
image: Hand-stitched textiles and photo, Jes Gamble. Model, Ariel D'Agostino. 2014
Hand-stitched textiles and photo, Jes Gamble. Model, Ariel D'Agostino. 2014
In the news: Been very busy, but this has been my M.O. for quite some years now. I'm thinking it really took precedent when I turned 28. The penetrating realization I was turning 30 became a constant echo and the realization if I wanted to live out my passions that the time was now. At 32 soon to be 33 it's become even stronger. 

The current painting I'm working on is coming along very nicely. Although, had to concentrate on some photo shoots and editing this week, for you see I have submitted 3 photos to an exhibition this October. Now I must patiently await to see if my work has been selected. (I hope, I hope)

I also went location scouting for my next outdoor installation. This proposal I will be sending in this weekend for approval.  And I believe I have found my model for casting the figure for the outdoor installation!  The work for the installation will begin this upcoming week.

I went to a fashion show this week. Yes, it was fabulous fun. 

Oh, and the two photos you see were from a shoot earlier this Summer. I also shot some new photos this week (which are stunning) before being busted by the fuzz for being in a location I guess we weren't suppose to be. Oh, and how I need to edit and upload a ton of work from a bunch of projects to my website. Over time they will all be uploaded.

Potential exciting news, I was contacted by a lovely girl who is interested in interning for me. So I may have an intern! If so, things will hopefully progress faster. 

Also, If 'you check out my "Collect" section which was called "Store" , I have put a "Donation" button there for those of my fans who would like to help out with my projects. Costs to create these works and to get into exhibitions are very expensive and add up quickly. So every little bit of support really truly helps. Each donation will receive a personalized gift of my choosing depending on the donation. 

This weekend I will be working on selecting the very first signed and numbered giclee  prints that will be available on my site!! 

Also, hopefully getting a new phone over the next week or so! This means I can take better in-progress shots of my work! Thank freaking goodness.

And must finish painting the kitchen this weekend because it looks like crack is smoked there. And no, crack is not smoked there. 

May your weekends be forever Gorgeous!

image: Hand-stitched textiles and photo, Jes Gamble. Model, Ariel D'Agostino. 2014
Hand-stitched textiles and photo, Jes Gamble. Model, Ariel D'Agostino. 2014

Update on Painting

Written by on November 17, 2014
image: Section of painting
Section of painting
After many hours of painting an entire Sunday (probably around 12 hours) this is where I am. It's really starting to come along with layering the darks and lights. Still have a long way to go on this hand, but If time permitting in-between work, photo shoots, test prints, meetings, tech meet-ups and art receptions that I attend every week I may be able to have this hand complete or really close to done by the end of this upcoming weekend.
image: Closer detail of that section
Closer detail of that section
Really anticipating getting a new phone at the end of the month and will being able to take much better images. The real thing in person is so much better!
image: An even closer detail
An even closer detail
Still a work in progress but I'm so happy with the progress!
image: The chaos of my palette
The chaos of my palette
And here is my palette from the last painting session before I scraped it clean yesterday to start fresh. A free spirit of a palette but if you know me I can be a bit of a free spirit myself... (wink)

I have a lot of things in the works such as art creating, submissions to exhibitions as well as grants and possible fellowships etc. So definitely send me your good wishes and the ability to get some sleep!

Stay tuned for all the happenings.

All the best for your Monday!


A Few Images from the First David Lynch Museum Retrospective

Written by on November 17, 2014
image: Boy Lights Fire, 2010
Boy Lights Fire, 2010
There were so many amazing pieces of David Lynch's grand body of work on exhibition at the absolutely stunning Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum. This is were David Lynch attended school and my alma mater.  I thoroughly enjoyed being able to see more into the mind of David Lynch  through his artwork in person, You really should attend the exhibition if at all possible. His drawings and certain paintings have such delicacies to them. The line work, flow and bodily transitions in some of his works are quite breathtaking.

There were of course tremendous lines of people out the door waiting to enter the exhibition as well as to the modern museum where David Lynch was about to give his talk. The great lines of people didn't bother me as it was wonderful to see all the excitement that is so well deserved for Mr. Lynch.

David Lynch has been a great inspiration of mine for many years. As an artist myself I can only hope to receive that kind of respect for my work during my lifetime.

David Lynch's first major museum retrospective, The Unified Field is at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

The exhibition will be up till Janurary 15th, 2015

A few write ups on the opening last night.

Philly Mag
Huffington Post

Here are a few images I caught from the exhibition.
image: Boy Lights Fire (detail), 2010
Boy Lights Fire (detail), 2010
image: Detail of flies imbedded into the work above.
Detail of flies imbedded into the work above.
image: Another favorite
Another favorite
image: Detail form piece above
Detail form piece above
image: You really must view this pieces close up and in person
You really must view this pieces close up and in person

Update on Painting

Hello! Here is a pretty crappy inprogress shot of my painting. But come the end of September I should be finally getting a new phone and with getting this new phone be able to get texts again and take much better images of my work.

There are a ton of other in-process shots that can be uploaded. So there may be a few more added here later. Still have a long way to go on the painting but it's coming along and am very excited about the final product. Wish I could stay home all day and paint but alas must go to work.

Best for your Wednesday!! 

Much Love,


Painting has Begun and Technical Issues

Painting has begun and here are some images to prove it! I'm realizing though the more and more I take pictures with my camera phone,  the more I need a new phone, bah. So until I'm able to purchase a new phone I either have to deal with my phone shots being shotty, or get use to bringing out the nice camera to take better shots. Have to figure this out...eeee.  Besides my technical issues, here are some in-process shots of laying down some of the first layer. I'll be posting more soon! 

To a beautiful weekend!


Monday Release

image: Daner and model: Ariel D'Agostino
Daner and model: Ariel D'Agostino
Another photo release for your Monday. Look out for possibly two blogs this week with all the art happenings that I have been involved in over these past weeks.



Another Release

image: Dancer and model, Ariel D'Agostino
Dancer and model, Ariel D'Agostino
So a quick update: I will be uploading images of the drawing stage of my new painting I'm working on tomorrow! So keep an eye out. I can't tell you how excited I am about this painting, and all of my projects! I'll also attempt to chip away at all my other "to do's" as well over the days, of course. If you have been wondering about the raffle drawings they are still on the way, I swear. I had to make an executive decision to begin painting before the cold sets in and I must close the windows. It's not so good breathing in paint fumes and solvents. Drawing, not as toxic. Last week I had some tech events I had to attend. I have a couple this week as well besides work. So I'm fitting it all in there best I can. 

Much love to you and yours despite the heavy happenings in our world. Be proactive and remember to laugh,



Cause I'm Bad at Waiting....

I release to you another of my photos with incredible dancer and model Ariel D'Agostino wearing my hand-stitched fabrics used in a variety of art installations and now as a wearable embodiment for a conceptual photo series. Keep an eye out for more along with new blog and website posts!

Much Love,



A Photo Release for Your Tuesday

image: Dancer and Model, Ariel D'Agostino
Dancer and Model, Ariel D'Agostino
So the talk I went to last night was very educational at NextFab with speaker Evan Cohen from IndieGoGo. Learned some wonderful things and Evan was a great speaker.

My goal for tonight and I will probably have to stretch it out over the next few days in hopes of getting everything done but I'm looking to get the final cut together, edited and ready for release from this worn adornment of the shoot. Also, complete that other blog I've been talking about (finally) and all the prepping's finished to begin the drawing for my new painting. And good news I'm looking for a Giclee printer for soon to be made available prints of my works!! 

A wonderful Tuesday to you!

Oh, and if you are coming to my blog for the first time feel free to look at my other blog entries and around my website to get an understanding of what it is I'm creating!


More Shots of Body Embodiment as Couture Skirt

image: Dancer and Model, Ariel D'Agostino
Dancer and Model, Ariel D'Agostino
Hello Everyone, hope you had a most Beautiful weekend!

I stayed busy working on my current new head adornment as well as preparing a new bigger surface on which to paint. I determined that the original board I was prepping for the painting was just not the right size. So had to slash that original prepping to go with a more suitable size and shape for the painting, happens. I'm still in the midst of sanding and painting layers of gesso (white acrylic paint used to prep surface to be painted on) on the new board. This week I'll be drawing out what I will be painting on the surface. The drawing won't be too detailed but there is a lot of detail so it may take a minute to get everything drawn out right on the surface. After that must scrap my glass palette, tidy up the studio and then painting may commence! I think this will be one of my best paintings yet!
image: Dancer and Model, Ariel D'Agostino
Dancer and Model, Ariel D'Agostino
I've also been busy going through and editing photos from this most Awesome shoot with the most Incredible model! Hoping to squeeze in getting together and editing all the photos I want to release from this series this week if possible. As well as start releasing the photos from this shoot that you haven't seen yet with an entirely different adornment! There are some amazing images that I'm extremely Excited to share with you. Also, really need to release my blog with in-process photos of my new head adornment and board prepping-s! Let's see what I can get done after work today but also going to a talk tonight so it may not be as much as I would like. 

Much Love for Your Monday!


P.s. If you wanna connect to my other pages:


I believe I may put my connect buttons under my contact form, or should I have a specific "connect" menu? 

Release of Body Adornment Worn as Skirt

image: Body Embodiment worn by dancer and model Ariel D'Agostino
Body Embodiment worn by dancer and model Ariel D'Agostino
Whoa, what bleep did I do!?!? Simply, I cut my "Body Embodiment" open. What is this? I created this as a conceptual tangible reality of another skin. A skin in which you can crawl inside of to hide from others as a sense of protection, even hiding from yourself and reality, burying oneself into a cocoon.  A manifestation of a second skin to perhaps investigate oneself further without outside distractions to find out more about who you are from your past to one day reveal a new confident self. A conduit for transformation.
This is a photo of myself inside the "body embodiment" which was taken by my friend Elizabeth Karasek, during my performance for the 'Ever Never Night Market" 2013.

By cutting my "Embodiment" open this does not mean that I am devaluing my art. I am just sharing what I've know for a long time about my hand-stitched body pieces. 
Here is a video still from my first performance at the Pennsylavania Academy of the Fine Arts, 2010. The video was shot by Daniel Brown of Wide Eyed Pictures.

More video stills found here: http://jesgamble.com/art/37/46/
So what does all of this mean? Well, I may eventually allow my performance pieces to be available and transformable. A piece of art that was used in a variety of artistic mediums and performances, that may also be worn as a couture piece if so choses. All I'm saying is there are some incredibly exciting avenues ahead. I'll be releasing  more  images so keep a look out! 

Much Love,


Another Release

In-between work and things I've been quite happily busy going through the wide range of photos from the shoot with Ariel last weekend. I am absolutely enthralled with this shot, Ariel is completely stunning and couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!

And I am absolutely bursting with joy about my next painting that I will be stepping into soon.  As I write this I am In the midst of prepping the board. Hopefully, I will have the update ready for release tomorrow including photos of the process. I always seem to get more accomplished towards the end of the week and weekend when I have off from work. But before I part heading that way I leave you with the hope your weekend will be filled with much Love  and Beauty.


Another Photo Release from Ariel Shoot

This time I decided to release two images at once with slight differences. Which one you are drawn to most? You can respond by email found in my contact section or on facebook by simply commenting "top" or "bottom". There are some absolutely gorgeous photos from this first shoot that I can't wait to share them with you! 
Also, incase you're wondering I was going to release my weekend update today but unfortunately wasn't able to finish all of the writing component. So if all goes as plan be on the look out for it tomorrow as well as maybe another photo release from this shoot! 



Some Things I Was Getting Myself into Over a Weekend

Written by Jes Gamble on November 17, 2014
So this was a post I was going to post a while ago but happen to be posting it now. But hey, least I posted it. 

You may notice I jump around a bit from one project to the next. I believe there are a couple reasons for this, One: so I can accomplish more things at once. (although some art professors would frown upon this). I have to say this is my style and has been for a long time.  And Two: I think I may have ADD.
As you may have seen before on Facebook, I have been in the start of a new head adornment. Here I have uploaded a series of in-progress shots at various times while working on this piece.

For those of you who do not know, I hand-stitch everything I create that are my textile projects. However, if I am creating curtains for the house I bring out the sewing machine.

Many people ask me why I don't use a sewing machine for my art, that it would be a lot faster. Well, there are many important reasons as to why I choose to hand-stitch everything.

As simply as I can explain it with out getting too deep on the many philosophical and metaphorical levels, I want everything to have a very organic and hand created feel.  I also like that my hand and subconcious to control the stitch rather than a machine. I want the pieces to look as if nature created it or a human. 

My work references the body and mind as well as having a bit to do with medical mending. When you sew something back together you are mending it. What had perhaps fallen apart after it was ripped open is now in the process of healing. So this can be seen in many lights physically and emotionally. 

But I also like my stitches to be considered as thought patterns and experiences that are manifesting themselves physically and at times becomes of a humans experiences.

I also like to touch on female topics including feminism. As well as Psychology.

I could go on and on about all of this but I'll save some details to come out over time. 
I am still currently working on this head adornment while simultaneously working on the oil painting and other projects, so stay tuned!
One of my cats looking at me for what reason I wasn't quite sure of at the time. Something obviously very important was going through her head.
And here is my other cat looking at me and trying to express something very important. I do notice now they were both by their food bowl, so it could have had something to do with food...
Here we see the very beginning stages of preparing a wooden board for a painting. Mind you after getting this surface all prepped for the painting I then decided that it was actually not the right size and shape thus slashed it, starting a whole new board on which I have begun painting the subject matter on.
We see here I was laying down the very first coat of white acrylic paint or gesso. This is to protect the surface being painted on from the oil paints and solvents. Also, in this case to create a smooth surface on which to paint on rather than allowing the wood grain to come through which I do allow from time to time in my work.
And after I was done painting the first coat someone, not naming names, decided some cat paws would look very nice on it.
Here we see some more in-process shots of my work on the head adornment. That beverage actually did not have booze in it.

Although, booze and art can be fun.
Again, not booze. I probably seem really boring...
After the first coat of paint dried sanding began to help create a smooth surface.
Here I am sanding by hand. This did not last long after I found out there was a power sander in the house.
After the first sand.
I decided to lay a sand-able material down to help with creating a really smooth surface.
Here I am spreading on the sand-able material in it's wet state with a palette knife of sorts. I went through a process of this a few times and then realized I wanted to scrap this surface for the particular painting I am creating and start prepping a new one that was more suitable.

C'est La Vie.
And here I leave you with some cat folly. Not sure if you can see this, but my male cat is lying behind the fabric I was preparing for a shoot, which photos you can see posted after this blog post. Side note: I swear my male cat loves the color pink and he also has a mustache.
My female cat decided she needed to go in to investigate what was happening behind the fabric. This was right before a fight erupted and both of them ran away.
And here we see Mr. Stud-muffin coming back in to find his spot again and probably complaining about his stoopid sister.

I thought you would enjoy the cat happenings.

Look out for more inprocess updates to come!



First Shoot with Ariel

I'm absolutely, completely enthralled to release this as the first image and sneak peak to our first shoot. We will be shooting in the very near future in a few other locations with a few different attires. This first outfit was a collaboration between Ariel and myself. Ariel brought those beautiful pearls you see. 

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day in so many ways for shooting, and as the weather turned even more cloudy and grey when Ariel transitioned into my hand-stitched pieces with her dance background and the wind...

You'll just have to wait and see! I will be uploading the outdoor installation photos from Maryland. As well and if all is still intact Riley did shoot some video of the installation moving with the wind! I'll have to track them down. Also, I have some photos from the things I have been working on the past week and this weekend including the new head adornment AND I'm preparing a surface for a new oil painting!! I know your jaw just dropped.

Much love and tenderness.

Presenting a Talk at Fleisher Art Memorial

If you didn't know already I help run Simplpost, a responsive online website building platform that enables creatives, artists, and businesses to build and manage their online presence. Actually, my entire website and blog I created using Simplpost!

 I am definitely really excited to be presenting along side Michael Riley, the  founder of Simplpost tomorrow Tuesday, July 22nd at 6:30- 8 PM at the Fleisher Art Memorial here in Philadelphia. We both know the extreme importance in controlling, building and growing your online presence. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

And more information below!
To view this page on the Fleisher Website click here.
Fleisher Art Memorial
719 Catherine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Breakdown of My Installation for Forcefield (or Sleep Doesn't Exist Here)

Written by Jes Gamble on November 17, 2014
image: Inside my installation right before de-installing it.
Inside my installation right before de-installing it.
Here I grace you with some photos the day we broke-down  my installation that was in the Forcefield exhibition at Maken Studios in the former Jomar warehouses in North Philadelphia. If you are just coming to this blog for the first time and are unaware of why and what happened you may look at the 2nd blog post below. And in case you were wondering, any word with a line underneath is indeed a link for your further perusal.
Simply put, the city of Philadelphia came in and shut down the exhibition before it was opened to the public, and before I and many other artists were even finished with installing their works. Here I will leave you with photos of the de-install and the grand hope that I will be able to install this work again in the near future, possibly many more times to come.
The truly wonderful team of Forcefield is as we speak in the process of trying to obtain a new location for the 45 large scale installations. Tim Eads and Joe Bartrum are attempting to bring something to Philly that we have needed for a long LONG time. When you do something for the first time it doesn't always go smoothly. But I am absolutely thankful to these guys and their team for what they're trying to accomplish!!!

If you know of a great location please don't hesitate to reach out.
We would all love you very very much! 
image: Notice my Mom and Sister saying Oh, fuck look at all the work we have to do.
Notice my Mom and Sister saying Oh, fuck look at all the work we have to do.
If you look in the middle of the floor you see some paper and stuff, that's where there I would sit and lay to break for moments throughout the install. My feet and legs were in such excruciating pain that this became my pseudo living room to get off my feet to then get back to work.  

Basically the ENTIRE install required me to be standing or getting up and down a ladder repetitively. This might sound horrible, but I wish I could throw the pain I was going through into your body for just a moment so you could feel what I felt, just a moment though. I hadn't slept the last two days of install, I did close my eyes however for thirty minutes. And brilliantly I  hadn't taken off my damn shoes till I couldn't take it any more into the 2nd day and thus put plastic bags on my feet to protect my feet from NAILS and such. I know, I know a plastic bag wasnt going to do much but I had no other shoes. I had to live rugged to survive. I lived off fermented cider and tea. No bed, no bath tub. It was me, my art and a deadline.

I love creating and want to always make something beautiful, sad, touching, adventurous, and eerie... You don't get these opportunities often, Or at least I don't, so in order to see your dream manifest you have to build it. And you rarely get a say in the amount of time you can build it. And regardless, I was and still am so so beyond belief thankful for this opporunity.

You know I never told not one soul but during orientation I literaly teared up. Looking at all the different extremely talented artists I was so graceously given the opportunity to have my work exhibited in the same space. My eyes just literally welled up with water with absolute joy and  awe that "I" was there too.

I was actually physically a part of this and it was no dream.
Here we see me laying down the plan for deconstruction. It was indeed very hard to destroy my installation, especially since I wasn't even able to complete it. I must say to you though it's always hard to take down your work, besides the fact you just really don't want to do it after all the work you've just done in building it.  It's like a break up that you couldn't or didn;t want to predict or accept, There is the good in a fleeting mystical way. For example the beauty of the destruction in your own art. brings to attention things you would have never see until destroying it. Simply put it's beautiful, sad and a death of your heart. I keep bringing myself back here  over and over again.

I just might be a masochist,.. 
Here Andy, my sister's husband, is saying, "This was a great vacation..." (wink) 
Oh, yes and I forgot to mention it was pretty damn hot in there. I couldn't imagine what the artists were going through on the upper floors! I was thankfully on the first and it was still hot. I thought I wasn't gonna make it a few times, but I've been stretching my body to the LIMITS for a while now and I'm pretty well versed in the suffering. You probably don't even want to know the stories. So I would say that I have a good understanding of when I need to sit and mentally talk myself through what I need to do for my safety, progress and sanity. The fan you see and a little one I stole from artist Tyler Kline, (it was at night when he was not installing). I would position them on me in attempt to cool myself off and keep my body temperature down so I wouldn't faint after being up for 2 days straight.

You have to play it cool, man.
Try to imagine a whole interactive extravaganze taking place here. Wait, you can't I havent told you yet what I was planning on doing. (wink)

I hope one and many more days you will be able to experience it on your own.

Truly I do
My Mother in awe of artist and friend Tyler Kline' s beautiful piece. My sister trying to escape. (wink)
Me attelpting to communicate with other human beings. (wink) I look like a bag lady I know. Hey I made that bag in 2009. I love it. I made it actually as my special I was accepted into grab school fancy leather school/ purse bag.

It was a gift to me. 
Remember this wasn't finished. I did honestly have a long way to go even the day before the opening of the show but I was going to try my damnedest! It would have been beautiful, but things happen sometimes for a very good reason.

 I could explain everything I had intended to create but maybe now is not the time besides I probably communicate better through my art.

You know, that is my first language.
Here I am ripping into the piece. I must say Louise O' Rourke and Maken Studios have been absolutely INCREDIBLE for allowing me to keep my many mounds of paper there.

Really, TRULY!!! My studio is in my home and to crumple the paper tight wouldn't be the end, but let's say it wouldn't be good.
Did I mention I did not drink not one little drop of coffee during install?
That's a lot of hours of work right there.

Joke, Joke really I do kid about many things, at times and I'm just candid but for those of you who have never met me it may be hard to pick up on. I guess you'll just have to figure out which one at what moment is sarcasm and truth.

The pain I was inflicting on myself from going up, down and standing on the ladders you don't want to feel, especilly after I had to remove my shoes due to the  overwhelming pain. The only things I had between me and a dirty warehouse floor were the plastic bags I taped on my feet. I also thought I had given myself athletes foot because I couldn't remove my shoes for x-hours because there was no time to go home. Home doesn't exist any more at that point. So I stood in sweaty plastic bags with incredibly ITCY feet on tiny metal slits which were the ladder steps  cutting into my raw feet FUCK, it was fucking fucking awful.

Excuse my french. 

Not to mention moving a big, very tall and sometimes very very heavy ladder by myself. 

I think my arms my have looked a little more toned after that week.

Because of the intense pain I started putting little rags I had brought with me from home and some of the paper for install on the steps to help cushion the steps. Not much but every little bit that helped aleve the pain I was experiencing in my feet I was truly grateful.

I did however end up ripping off the damn plastic bags due to the intense itching sensation. I had taped the plastic around my feet in an attempt to keep them clean from the dust on the warehouse floor for when I would put my shoes and socks back on.


At the time I thought it was a brilliant idea...
After much reflection I think I should have never slept. Ahha! That's where I went wrong! I went home and slept a bit on Monday and Tuesday. Dammit.

But really there isn't enough time in the day for me to sleep. I've come to this realization. This is why artists are considered crazy. With everything thing else you're responsible for in life, then top it off with attempting to live your life creating, there is no time for sleep. And then we go crazy and die.

The End.


Till we meet again!

All photos taken by Riley

The People Who Helped Along the Way in Seemingly Small but Tremendous Ways!

Knowing this was going to be my biggest installation to date I knew I needed help. My first installation of this creation I installed on my own in an 11'x12'x17' room, If I remember correctly, it took me two weeks working day and through the night, with some nights sleeping in the installation room or in my studio to just install the installation. And even then  I was still working on the project after two weeks. So before I go any further I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the people who have been helping me along the way!
Everyone was such a tremendous help, from friends I have known for a while to people I literally met during my install. My two main assistants, both wonderful beautiful women, helped me in so many ways with things I could of course do myself but with a project of this size I couldn't do it all alone. They helped to free up some absolutely crucial time to actually concentrate on making the work  itself which is extremely time consuming. 
image: Nicole Russo
Nicole Russo
Nicole Russo was so marvelous running me around to the different Jomar locations to acquire as much fabric as possible. Helping to gather and research supplies, contacting companies and getting supply donations with her mad skills. The paper donation she acquired was much needed and wonderful I have probably thus far spent over $500 on the paper alone for the installation. Nicole also helped with creating the costumes and stools which I know was very stressful. She also helped out a bit during install, contacting a slew of people about their participation on a variety of levels and companies when the large amount of fabric we purchased was damaged. Nothing ever goes smoothly, right?
I must say even just having the meetings and having her and Alisha to bounce ideas off of and them to listen to me go over the "To Do List" a million times was extremely helpful! She also was amazingly kind and thoughtful bringing Jenna and I very essential cider and food during install to help pick up our spirits and energy. There are really so many things Nicole did that might not seem that big but they were absolutely huge beyond belief!

image: Alisha Neva
Alisha Neva
Alisha Neva was a tremendous help in doing the little but big things that I didn't have time to do. A lot of online research on many diffferent supplies, locating potential performers., price comparisions, finding just the right pair of scissors, assisting during install even when she wasn't feeling well. Helping keep my head on straight with all the things I needed to acquire and where to find them.

And not to mention she helped me again for a bit during my install of another installation in Maryland which I received an Art Grant from, "The Philadelphia Experiment" to install during an art event.

 Everytime someone comes to help me even if it is for an hour to 3 hours it all adds up. It helps me focus on some of the other areas of the installation where my hand may be more crucial giving me that much needed time to focus on it executing the project to the best of my ability. Enabling me to get the work done faster, especially under an intense deadline, and allowing me to keep some of my sanity and maybe even get some sleep!

image: Jenna Borges
Jenna Borges
Jenna Borges was brilliant in helping me run around gathering some of my supplies and getting the supplies to the warehouse location where I was installing my installation. Not to mention the times she took me to Lowes, Blick, and Artist and Craftsman Supply store. I feel like I spent most of the time in Lowes though. She was a great help with install handing me things like tape, paper, and fabric while I was on the ladder, helping prepare the paper for install, rolling it out, cutting it to size. These are all things that go a long way. Helping tape the holes in the paper walls, shaping the paper and then adding more paper on top of the first layer of paper. Yea, looking at the pictures from install it may look easy but I and the other ladies can guarantee you it's a lot more work than it looks, a lot more! 
image: Ariel D'Agostino
Ariel D'Agostino
Ariel D'Agostino helped in awesome ways by coming to my rescue in some of my darkest hours. It was a bleak time. I was in severe pain and she was a brilliant soul out of the darkness. She helped to pick my spirits back up and contribute a bit of her time beautifully stitching into the first layer of the installation. You see my installation is just not paper and fabric. There are many layers of it just like a human form and a human soul. So a lot of work goes into adding the little details as well. 

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PUSH Philly
image: Louise O'Rourke and her dog Luna
Louise O'Rourke and her dog Luna
Louise O'Rourke was a wonderful person from the very beginning before we even began work on our installation projects. Louise was also an exhibiting artist for the Forcefield Exhibition whom had a studio space in Maken Studios. The day of orientation she most kindly offered that in the future if I needed to take a look at the space again while preparing the installation that she could let me come visit. Which I did and it was amazing! Seeing a space once even with taking pictures of it there are a lot one may have not noticed or forgotten over time. Installing an installation anywhere there are a ton of variables one must address when figuring out how to actually manifest this idea and create it to not fall down amoung many, many things. Louise and I were actually exhibiting our installations on the same floor so it was nice to have someone to talk to even if it was for a brief 5 minute conversation. Louise and Maken Studios continues to awesomely help me to this day by keeping my 3 feet in diameter giant mounds of paper outside her studio. They are absolutely huge and there are many of them. I could flatten the paper down but all the shaping that had already been done I would rather not lose. At this point in time in my life I can't afford a studio space  so Louise and Maken Studios have been extremely kind souls allowing me to store the huge paper mounds at Maken Studios. If I ever won the lottery I would probably take over the empty warehouse near my house and turn it into my studio space, Come on Lottery!!!  

And last but not least I would like to thank my boyfriend for his help in getting the ladder there, dropping off food and water, picking me up at 6;30 am when I absolutely was ready to finally shower, brush my teeth, and rest after two days of staying up straight before I was going to go back to finishing up the install. And my family for helping me de-install and helping me keep some of my sanity after finding out that day after sleeping for 4 hours in a 3 day period that I was not only unable to finish my installation but had to take it down and the show would not happen that weekend. Good news though Forcefield is in the process of finding a new location to house the 45 large scale installations! 

(And de-install pics coming soon so stayed tuned for those.)

Again, I want to say a hugeTHANK YOU to everyone for your support and love in so many seemingly small but absolutely brilliant ways!!! Projects like this would not come to fruition without your help!!! <3

The Big Shut Down

Exciting and nervous energy has been surging through my veins since before I had began working on this new installation on Monday, June 16th, 2014. Force Field and Maken Studios afforded me the ability to finally build the grand installation I had been creating in my head for years.

Enjoying a good challenge, I always push myself when it comes to my art. During the 3rd day of install that Wednesday I realized in order to accomplish my vision I had to stay overnight to manifest the actualization of my idea. Thursday came and again I realized I had no choice but to stay another night.

Two days and nights I had spent at the former Jomar warehouse with no shower, no toothbrush and a mere 30 minutes of closing my eyes. The pain I was experiencing in my feet and legs from the constant standing or standing on a ladder was unbelievably unbearable. I had no choice but to force myself to sit from time to time to somehow alleviate the excuciating pain I was feeling to keep pushing forward in the creation of my installation. And surprisingly despite my weird yet amazing decision to only drink black and green teas to stay awake, it WORKED much better than coffee has ever kept me awake.

Finally at 6:30 am on Friday I was kindly retrieved by my boyfriend and brought home to finally shower, brush my teeth and lay down to rest. At 1;55 pm I awoke later than I planned, but then shortly found out that the city of Philadelphia had shut down the 45 large scale installations and 60 + artist exhibition know as Force Field the day before the show was to open. Here I will leave you with some images of the exterior of my installation after 4 days of install before I even had a chance to finish it.

Over the course of the week I will be including images and more of the story behind breaking down the installation, installing it, the awesome people who helped me along the way and the other artists who built and were forced to destroy their work like myself by 5 pm that Saturday. 
image: Myself inside my installation before destroying it.
Myself inside my installation before destroying it.
image: Dimensions coming soon
Dimensions coming soon
image: Exterior front in unfinished state. A semi room was to be created that would house the musicians Dentana and Heller Wahn.
Exterior front in unfinished state. A semi room was to be created that would house the musicians Dentana and Heller Wahn.
image: The right side and exit of the installation which was very lovely in it's bodily feel. Unfortunately, it was covered to accommodate the video artist next to me so as people could view her work in her vision.
The right side and exit of the installation which was very lovely in it's bodily feel. Unfortunately, it was covered to accommodate the video artist next to me so as people could view her work in her vision.
image: Detail of right side.
Detail of right side.
image: Detail of left side. Also seen a detail of Tyler Kline's exciting installation. More images to come of his piece.
Detail of left side. Also seen a detail of Tyler Kline's exciting installation. More images to come of his piece.
image: Detail of right side.
Detail of right side.
image: Detail of exterior.
Detail of exterior.

Presenting a talk at Pafa

Written by on November 17, 2014
image: Photo by Christian Carollo of PicturePhilly
Photo by Christian Carollo of PicturePhilly
Section outside of Pafa, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in the Lenfest Plaza. Seen here is an art sculpture created by artist and Pafa alum Jordan Griska called the Grumman Greenhouse. The greenhouse grows nutritive and medicinal plants for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. 
Today is quite an exciting and a bit of an anxious day. I will be presenting Simplpost and the importance of controlling your online presence along side the founder of Simplpost Michael Riley and extremely talented artist Maria Teicher

Simplpost is a website, store and blogging platform created by the founder Michael Riley and myself. 

This will be my first artist talk at a place of higher learning. I hope this will be the beginning of giving many more talks at universities. I am completely estactic and nervous that today will be my first official talk. 

I've of course had to speak at the colleges I've attended but it was usually to stand up in front of my class to give a presentation. And when I was an orientation leader for incoming graduate students at Pafa.

I am completely excited and nervous. New faces, maybe some I recognize probably not. All those old new student feelings come in to play.  Regardless if I get red-faced and sweaty I am so excited to present vital information to students who may have some time left and others who will be graduating soon. So I must say I feel tremendously good providing valuable tools and information!
Here is the information of the Talk today. Check back tomorrow for a more in-depth look.

Tuesday, April 22 11:45-1
Cohen Board Room, 3rd Floor
Designing Your Own Website with Simplpost
Presented by Jes Gamble, Michael Riley and Maria Teicher
This workshop will introduce students to the basics of constructing a website using a new tool developed by a company sensitive to the artist’s needs. In addition, Maria Teicher will outline the ways in which artists can leverage social media to promote their careers.

What's going on with the Raffle Drawings??

Written by Jes Gamble on November 17, 2014
So you are probably wondering what is going on with the Raffle Drawings?? Especially for those of who had entered the raffle contests. As I write this I am extremely exhausted my hair a mess and I feel like I need much more caffeine. Well, plainly put I probably have too much on my plate. Good thing I am fairly well versed in this sort of exhaustion and grand list of things to accomplish. One of the biggest grand items on my current list and excitingly so is my acceptance to exhibit in Philadelphia through the Force Field Project in a big beautiful warehouse space!! Force Field is a Project of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia, a charitable trust supporting diverse cultural practices in the Philadelphia region. .
image: Warehouse in Philadelphia  where I will be creating my largest installation to date.
Warehouse in Philadelphia where I will be creating my largest installation to date.
This will be my biggest installation to date, 18'x 54' x I have to get the ceilig height. That's what I said, Feet!! With this wonderful news my time has shifted to getting work completed on such a large project but not only that but on April 15th I submitted a proposal for an art grant to install an interactive art installation in Maryland through, The Philadelphia Experiment during their Summer Festival.

There was a lot of thought and planning that went into this outdoor installation proposal. And not only this but I'm looking to in about a week or so plan out and submit another installation proposal for an exhibition in New York. You may say to yourself well that doesn't seem like much well I will tell you when I'm not applying to shows I also help with a website platform I helped to create along side Michael Riley called Simplpost. I am extremely proud of our website platform for which you shoud totally check out. I'll blog more about Simplpost hopefully in the upcoming weeks. When not working on grant applications, exhibition submissions and Simplpost I restore art and antiques. Why you may ask? Simply put because I need to make money so I may buy art supplies, food and such. With what time is left over I squeeze in cooking, cleaning, errands, art making, workshops, talks, meetings, blogging, working on my website, research, social media, and attempting to stay level headed and sane. Did I say I feel really tired?

So f I had more time in the day these two raffle drawings would be finished and spectacular. Although the drawings are not complete I assure you they will be beautiful and I am deeply truly excited to give them to the winners. I will try my best to complete them to the best of my ability in the little spare time I have so please be patient with me! And again a huge love hug for all the support you have given me over the years.
With deep appreciation and affection, 
image: About were I am currently with the first raffle drawing
About were I am currently with the first raffle drawing

Raffle Drawing Updates

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First stages of drawing
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EverNever Night Market Details

Written by Jes Gamble on November 17, 2014
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It's about time but finally it's here, my first blog post on my new website! I suppose I need to put a link on my Wordpress site...