The photographs you see above are camera phone images I captured quickly right before de-imstalling this installation. The photographs were altered using Instagram filters. 

This audience participatory installation was a growth from my project, Inside an Installation, which I created while attending the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 2010.

The new extension of this installation I created inside a room in a 14' truck that also functioned as a home. The project was exhibited in a vacant lot outside of the gallery, Little Berlin, in Philadelphia for the exhibition, EverNever Night Market, curated by artist Kathryn Sclavi, 2013. 

Here is a little write up of the event:

While inside the truck I stitched into the walls of the space while wearing a hand-stitched garment I created. Participants were allowed to enter the space and also partake in stitching into the walls as well. The photographs you see are documentation of each stitching created by an audience participant.
Below is a little video documentation capturing a segment of the night and the experience inside the installation space.